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EVADE SUV in india...will rock...!!

              • "Evade SUV"

  • 1.   The Evade SUV is available with petrol and diesel powertrain options and a 4x4 system. Prices start from Rs. 8.5 Crores including duties.

  • 2.   The new body style, design and aesthetic of Evade includes new headlights and taillights sleekly wrapping around the sides of the vehicle, narrower fender flares, a redesigned grille, hood scoop, the addition of a third tandem sunroof and a wider backdoor to accommodate Evade’s wider body frame to allow for exit/entry of executive security though the rear of the vehicle.

  • 3.    The rear bumper now features an integrated step to simplify this access. Evade will be built on a Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis and its massive unarmored skin will be made from an aluminum-mild steel blend, making it significantly lighter then the Knight XV.
  • 4.    Conquest Vehicles mandate of `hand crafted’ once again is populated throughout Evade whereby elements including the vehicle’s steering wheel, proprietary hinges, running boards and even the key itself are machined out of solid stainless steel. The vehicles’ handles are machined out of a solid block of aluminum.
  • 5.    Evade’s luxurious interior cabin space will provide over 400 cubic feet and will carefully blend military inspired design cues with elegant and rich finishes.
  • 6.    Evade will house a new ergonomically designed cockpit and cabin and the entire vehicle will offer both driver and passengers touch screen technology
  • 7.    “We wanted Evade to set a new standard for our company in terms of pushing the boundaries from engineering to design to incorporating new user experiences without compromising the integrity of some of the key highlight design features offered by our armored Knight XV. The result speaks for itself in terms of the final product and we couldn't be happier,” said William Maizlin, President, Conquest Vehicles.
  • 8.    Similar to the Knight XV, EVADE is offered in newly designed ergonomic 2+2 limousine-style seating. Also available are 2 electronic executive style reclining seats with the option of either a driver partition or retractable flat screen television.
  • 9.  The interior will also offer lap top trays, a third sunroof and more cabin space. In addition, some of the vehicle’s exterior design cues, layers and angles will be seamlessly incorporated into the interior of the vehicle’s cabin design without losing the feel of being in a luxury SUV.
  1. ---Evade will also offer as standard features including front and rear commercial grade air ride suspension, power windows, and 360-degree roof mounted, joystick controlled searchlights.

    ---The vehicle is offered in 4x4, and is available with either a gasoline or diesel engine. Evade will also come equipped with FLIR night vision camera systems in the front and rear of the vehicle

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The fact of "brain magic" of keith barry

 Brief intro. of  KEITH BARRY


Barry’s television career began with a series entitled Close Encounters with Keith Barry, which ran from 2003-2005. The show originally aired in Europe and has since aired in 28 countries worldwide.
In 2004, Barry performed in an MTV television special entitled Brainwashed. 2005 ended with Barry performing a live Christmas special in Europe. Keith Barry Live With Friends featured various celebrities such as magician Billy McComb, Jim Corr of The Corrs, and The Conway Sisters.[10]
Barry's success throughout Europe coupled with his MTV special led to a four year multi-special deal with CBS. His first special with CBS debuted on 12 May 2006 and was entitled Keith Barry: Extraordinary.[11] The special later aired on New Year's Eve 2006 on The CW and on New Year’s Day 2007 on TV3 in New Zealand and the Arena channel in Australia.
In the Keith Barry: Extraordinary special, he performed various pieces of illusion and interesting mental feats. In one trick, which he referred to as "Black Ops Hypnosis", he made a host from Entertainment Tonight forget that he had torn a specific page from a book and sealed it in an envelope in the span of roughly five minutes. In another, he made a blindfolded man lift his arm when he thought others stopped touching him. Barry first used suggestion to make the man "concentrate" and lied that he was touching the man. The man imagined the touch and lifted his arm, but Barry and another member of the audience only moved their hand afar.
Following a successful Irish tour along with a week in Dublin's Vicar Street, Keith and his longtime manager Eamonn Maguire were badly injured in a horrific car crash on the Belfast to Newry road on 1 March 2007. Keith suffered severe trauma to his left leg and only returned to the stage later the same year at Vicar Street.


2011 has been an exciting year to date for Keith.  He shot his new Discovery Channel series "Deception with Keith Barry" in LA and it premiered on Discovery USA on May 31st 2011.   New episodes premiered on June 1st, June 8th and June 15th.  The shows are now starting to air internationally.  Also in July 2011,  after the huge success of Keith's Asylum live show which closed in May 2011 having done 83 shows in Ireland,  his brand new show "8 DEADLY SINS" set a box office record in the Olympia Theatre in July and August 2011.  His new national tour of 8 DEADLY SINS starts on Jan 1st 2012 and runs up to Feb 26th.  
Back in 2010, the pilot of Keith's TV show “DECEPTION with KEITH BARRY” aired on July 14th in the US on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL and did so well in the ratings that it was picked up for a series which began production in Oct.   Jan 2010 also saw the launch of Keith’s live show “The Asylum” which went on to sell out 35 shows and along with an unprecedented 20-night run at The Olympia in July.  This was his most outrageous, controversial and damn right funniest show ever and has been hailed by the critics as his best live work to date. 
In 2009, Keith was awarded the prestigious Merlin Award for "Mentalist of the Year 2009" from the International Magicians Society. The Merlin Award is to magic what the Oscars are to movies with past winners of the Merlin Award being David Copperfield and Siegfreid & Roy.  2009 also saw Keith gaining the title “Best Magician in Las Vegas 2009” as voted for by the Las Vegas Review Journal show critics after he finished up an impressive 5 week residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino to rave reviews.
On Dec 29th, 2007 Keith had his first  UK Primetime ITV 1 show  “Keith Barry – The Escape Live”.   Keith has appeared numerous times on The Ellen Show, The Jimmy Kimmel show and Sharon Osbourne and in the US and also on the Paul O’Grady Show in the UK. 
Going back to 2006, after just one viewing of his live stageshow in LA, CBS offered Keith his own  US  TV Special  “Keith Barry – Extraordinary”.  This was CBS’s first magic special in over 15 years and followed on from the success of Keith’s MTV show “Brainwashed”.  
Keith has now starred in over 40 international tv shows and they have been shown in over  110 countries around the world making Keith truly an international name and his star is still rising. 


the return of the robot !

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


TypeIntercontinental ballistic missile[1][2]
Place of origin India
Service history
In service2014[3] (Under development) [4]
Used byIndian Army
Production history
ManufacturerDefence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL)
Weight50,000 kg[5]
Length17.5 m [6]
Diameter2 m

Maximum range6,000 kilometres (3,700 mi)[7]
Warhead weight1.1 ton/1000 kg[10]

EngineThree stage solid
Over 5,500 kilometres (3,400 mi)[1][7]
Speed24 Mach[8]
8 x 8 Tatra TEL & Rail Mobile Launcher (Canisterized missile package) [9]
TransportRoad mobile.


Agni-VI is an intercontinental ballistic missile speculated to be in very rudimentary stages of development by India. It's said to be the latest & most advanced version among the Agni (missile) program. Capable of being launched from submarines or from land, it will be able to strike a target at a distance of 6000–10000 km with MIRVed warheads..


Dr M Natrajan, a senior defense scientist of India, disclosed in 2007 that DRDO is working on an upgraded version of the Agni III known as the Agni-V (Earlier known as Agni-III* and Agni-IV) and that it will be ready in 4 years. The missile will have a range of about 5,000 km.
It will be quite easy to store and swiftly transport the missile by road since it's a canister-launch missile system, unlike the earlier Agni missiles.
Agni-V would also carry MIRV (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles) payloads being concurrently developed. A single MIRVed missile can deliver multiple warheads at different targets.
With a "launch mass" of around 50 tonne and a development cost of over Rs 2,500 crore, Agni-V will incorporate advanced technologies involving ring laser gyroscope and accelerometer for navigation and guidance. It takes its first stage from Agni-III, with a modified second stage and a miniaturized third stage to ensure it can fly to distances of 5,000 km. With a canister-launch system to impart higher road mobility, the missile will give the armed forces much greater operational flexibility than the earlier-generation of Agni missiles. According to a source, the accuracy levels of Agni-V and the 3,500-km Agni-IV (first tested in November 2011), with their better guidance and navigation systems, are far higher than Agni-I (700-km), Agni-II (2,000-km) and Agni-III (3,000-km).

The Agni-V will be operational by 2014-2015 after four to five repeatable tests by the DRDO.
Indian authorities believe that the solid-fuelled Agni-V is more than adequate to meet current threat perceptions and security concerns. The missile will bring the whole of Asia, including the northernmost parts of China, 70% of Europe and other regions under its strike envelope.


The Agni-V is a three stage solid fueled missile with composite motor casing in the third stage. In many aspects, the Agni-5 carries forward the Agni-3 pedigree. With composites used extensively to reduce weight, and a third stage added on (the Agni-3 was a two-stage missile), the Agni-5 can fly 1,500 km further than the 3,500 km range Agni-III. Two stages of this missile will be made of composite material. Advanced technologies like ring laser gyroscope and accelerometer will be used in the new missile. "You can reduce the payload and (further) increase the range of Agni-V" Saraswat told the Reuters in Feb 2010.

                                   IMPORTANT FACTS                                                                                

  • 1). India will break into the exclusive ICBM club of six countries including the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, China and France once the 50-tonne Agni-V is ready for induction by 2014-2015, although some others say unless India acquires an 8,000 km range missile, it cannot become a part of this club. But DRDO scientists are sticking to their claim.

  • 2). The Agni series of missiles, including Agni-V, is crucial for India's defence vis-a-vis China since Beijing has upped the ante in recent times by deploying missiles in Tibet Autonomous Region bordering India. 

  • 3). Tipped to be a game changer by DRDO Chief Dr VK Saraswat, Agni-V will extend India's reach all over Asia, parts of Africa and parts of Europe. 

  • 4). Once fired, it cannot be stopped. It travels faster than a bullet and can carry 1,000 kilograms of nuclear weapons. It can be launched using a special canister. Why, it can even be launched from a roadside!

  • 5). With a range of 5,000 km, Agni-V, once validated and inducted into the armed forces after several more tests, will be India's longest-range missile to carry a nuclear warhead. It will have the capacity to carry a nuclear warhead weighing over a tonne.

  • 6). Agni-V will give India the technological know-how to launch many nuclear warheads using the same missile.

  • 7). Agni-V can be configured to launch small satellites and can be used later even to shoot down enemy satellites in orbits.

  • 8). The missile can be launched only after a decision by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). 

  • 9). Seventeen metres tall, Agni-V's three-stages are powered by solid propellants. The first rocket engine takes it to a height of about 40 kilometres. The second stage pushes it to about 150 kilometres. The third stage takes it to about 300 kilometres above the Earth. The missile finally reaches a height of about 800 kilometres.

  • 10). This will be India's first launch of a 5,000 kilometre range missile.

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